Punching Nazis

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    1. Well spoken, Milan. Or typed, rather. <3

      Funny thing is, there used to be about a handful of idiots who considered themselves "Nazis", there's STILL only a handful of idiots who consider themselves Nazis, but all this violence from the Alt-Left is bound to create a shitload of REAL Nazis.

      If anyone has any doubts, please check what happened in Weimar, Germany. The EXACT SAME SHIT, down to College Campuses turning fine adolescents into violent communists.

      And then there were Nazis.

      NazinazinaziNazinazinaZiNazinazinazinazInaziNazinazinaziNazi… is the word grating your mind yet? It's been grating mine for over a year. People are living inside a fucking comic book.

  1. what if the original artist was a Nazi just like the original Nazi was an artist?
    How do you know when to draw the maginot line?

  2. Nice cartoon. I like the “retro” artwork of your series. Having unwittingly been on the receiving end of such violence, may I post a remark on the issue addressed in this particular strip:

    Ctrl-Left “protestors” do resort to violence not just against “white supremacists”. In fact, they impute notions of “white supremacy” on anyone who does not take their side. Such people could be conservatives, classical liberals, libertarians etc. It could even be people who do not want to have anything to do with politics but just happen to be at the wrong place at the wrong time, looking “wrong”.

    I also see a false dichotomy at work: “Punching Nazis” implies that those doing the punching are not Nazis themselves. As, Kurt Schumacher, one of the most hardened opponents of the *actual* Nazis during their rise once remarked, the far Left are “in reality only red-painted double editions of the National Socialists”.

    Agree that stealing artwork puts you outside civil society, justifying mindless violence.

    1. Yeah well, you know, if I call myself Anti-Violence, I can beat the shit out of everyone & still claim I’m a Movement of Peace.

      Because I’m Anti-Violence.

      It’s what you SAY, not what you do.

      In the early days of South Park, there was an episode where Uncle Jimbo taught the kids that before you shoot an animal, they should yell they’re being attacked, so it would be in self-defence. Between antifa & transtrenders, the Alt-Left has become South Park. Trey & Matt weren’t coming up with stupid shit as we all thought, they were parodying the future.

      Either that, or the Alt-Left is too stupid to understand comedy, and the old episodes made perfect sense to them.

      1. I don’t think you can search the PostImg site for images, so this particular “original” version won’t be seen by anyone who doesn’t have the direct link, which I only posted here. 😉

        Keep up the good work, Ryan et al. You guys rock!

        1. You posted a link on a site that gets crawled by Google and other search engines.

          Oh, it’s out there. Just very difficult to find.

  3. There are those people who demonises ethnic groups in order to have someone to blame for their own shortcomings.

    There are those people who demonise the above.

    And then, there are those people who just want to have a scrap and will tag along with anyone who demonises a group they can have a pop at.

    Society hasn’t changed much in the last billion years of evolution.

  4. “I couldn’t bring myself TO hit someone just because I hated their ideas.”

    Fix it Chris! ARrgrgrgrgsgsgsgsfhsfh

    Good stuff btw.


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