Worst Man In The World

40 thoughts to “Worst Man In The World”

  1. Until last 4 I had sympathy, even if he was still a ginger but then… Seriously ? SERIOUSLY ? What sort of a son of a B would DO THAT ?!

  2. I remember getting annoyed by how I saw compilations of Toonhole comics on the front page of imgur. They just posted old strips from here and got front page.

      1. I actually learned of this page from a repost on imgur last week and I’ve been reading through all of the old comics since. Love your work.

    1. Also delete mention of author an site in comic himself.
      Better even replace it with your name.
      I mean panel 9 if you wonder)))

  3. I feel for you guys since you’re not the most popular e-comic. You guys are great and nice dudes too, so it sucks that kinda stuff happens.

    I don’t even understand the benefit of taking someone’s website off the comic. It’s not like they can honestly claim they did it and all the others. Seems like a lot of work for no reason.


      1. Well you’re on explosm’s stuff we like page, so at least the cool kids at Cyanide & Happiness table think you’re alright this time around.

  4. Wait, it’s ok if I erase the title and put it on my site, right?

    I mean, it still has an author!

  5. saying that people who remove attributions from comics are worse than neo-nazis is kind of a bit of a childish histrionic overreaction

      1. I love re-posting you guy’s stuff on my FB; my friends love it. Of course, because the website is visible in the corner of the panel, people still know to come to you guys to see more. I get to entertain my peeps, and you get free advertising. Win/win, right?


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