Wrestling Is Fake

9 thoughts to “Wrestling Is Fake”

    1. God dammit, that guy lives near me. Also, my classmate’s mom was the wrestler “Desire”. Wrestling sure was real when it destroyed her back.

  1. Wrestling is scripted, not fake. For example, the following link is called the “Kawada Driver” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ZCro0BMF1Y

    Moves like that aren’t all that uncommon, which is why the guy in the green tights died from complications related to his neck being broken during a match. Guys who get concussions every week, who put their bodies on the line in the hopes of getting nothing more than a reaction from the crowd, can’t help but love that.

    But then again, I also love companies like Chikara, where they just don’t give a damn about that. Where they want nothing more than to have fun with the audience.




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