Wrestling Is Fake


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  2. RD says:

    Absolutely fantastic.

    • Hypothermo says:

      God dammit, that guy lives near me. Also, my classmate’s mom was the wrestler “Desire”. Wrestling sure was real when it destroyed her back.

  3. Potato says:

    I love how the lettering in the second panel looks like broken rocks. Excellent touch.

  4. Alexander says:

    and that’s when he realised… your blows have to actually connect to hurt someone.

  5. cole1114 says:

    Wrestling is scripted, not fake. For example, the following link is called the “Kawada Driver” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ZCro0BMF1Y

    Moves like that aren’t all that uncommon, which is why the guy in the green tights died from complications related to his neck being broken during a match. Guys who get concussions every week, who put their bodies on the line in the hopes of getting nothing more than a reaction from the crowd, can’t help but love that.

    But then again, I also love companies like Chikara, where they just don’t give a damn about that. Where they want nothing more than to have fun with the audience.