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  1. Gee, given how saturated with allegations (as well as her persistently hopeless gaze) it’s been lately, I sure didn’t see THAT coming. -.-

  2. “How else are lazy whores going to get rich than by lying about prominent men whom said lying whores know will pay to make a false allegation go away rather than let it go public? Remember, ladies, if you falsely accuse a prominent man of rape, he pretty much has the option of either settling out of court by paying you a hefty sum of money, or letting you take your lies public in vengeance and forever be known as a rapist in the court of public opinion no matter how full of holes your story is. God only knows why we have this Orwellian power of holding a social gun to the head of whatsoever man we choose, but might as well milk it for all it’s worth before those misogynistic MRAs and other devils in human form manage to take away our power to ruin the lives of any man we like. We are strong independent wymyn who don’t need no man–just his money!”

    1. AND the United States’ own Jack the ripper, apparently. (hence why none of the men, who have been accused lately, were English)…

      1. I’m dead serious. There are many systems categorically rigged in favor of women, and none so terrifyingly dystopian in impact than whenever a woman so much as breaths the word ‘harassment’, never mind the word ‘rape’.

        Or are you going to tell me that “He’s guilty” *isn’t* the first opinion that widely spreads through the zeitgeist when men are accused of sexual misconduct? Not only does the presumption of innocence get thrown out the window in the court of public opinion, but frequently in REAL court, men are railroaded for crimes they didn’t commit by lying women because of the allowances of the justice system.

          1. Yeah… I tend to get triggered over huge injustices. They’re rather healthy things to get triggered over, wouldn’t you agree..?

            Fuck off with your dishonest shut-down tactics. Next you’ll tell me that having an opinion you’d prefer not be genuine means I’m a troll, and you’ll try to dismiss me on THOSE bullshit grounds. Tell me I’m problematic after that so you can hit the trifecta.

      2. He’s not trolling.

        Just yesterday I saw a woman tweet about how a man not giving a woman an orgasm is sexual abuse, therefore rape. No, it wasn’t a joke, or a troll. It was a dead serious opinion. The definition is broadening alarmingly fast, and spreading like a malignant cancer.

        I can’t link because the account has been suspended, people started digging in and saw some pro-pedophilia tweets in there too, though I don’t know the exact details on that.

        1. Since I can’t edit… turns out she was suspended for saying pedophilia and homosexuality were mental illnesses.

          Silly me, thinking Mr. Dorsey would ban someone for promoting pedophilia.

      3. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/thr-esq/paul-haggis-sues-woman-alleged-fake-rape-claim-1068650 And also I wouldn’t call it Orwellian. For THAT to happen we would need something like a woman’s idealized albeit biased concept of “love” to require ALL men in the USA to marry and start a family or else they’ll flat out rig the justice system with their claims and imprison men they don’t like (not that that hasn’t happened before -.-). I’d go for more neo-authoritarian.

  3. I suggest the really spiky maces. Oh wait, wrong type of mace. Well, maybe have BOTH on hand. Some of those fuckers can take a lot before going down. They’re like cockroaches. Just as filthy too.

  4. Also, to be equal to your male coworkers, don’t forget to lie constantly about petty, unimportant news stories, so you can safely destroy your credibility when it comes to the big stuff.

    And don’t forget to let your ideology shine through all the time with your personal opinions on whatever you’re reporting!

  5. HA!
    I love this idea that is Rape WHEN THEY ARE GIVEN A CHOICE. They could scream for help, there is always a secretary on the other side. They can always NOT FOLLOW THE RICH GUY IN THE HOTEL ROOM for a “QUICK REHEARSAL” . And these pure angels never are going to tell….unless it more profitable to scream wolf.

  6. What is most troublesome in all this fuzz is: why that many people find the proposition that the opposite of “dismissing accusations” is “believing accusations” reasonable?

    It’s not. The opposite of dismissing is NOT dismissing, investigating and going through the justice system. Every time a woman goes to the spotlights instead of the authorities, she helps a major stepback in a principle very important to democracy.

    Stupidity and gullibility are way more dangerous than any of dangers posted by any of the sides of the argument. Keep skeptic.


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