14 thoughts to “The Pervert”

  1. DAT ASS ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) – – – – ( )( )
    lololol, that last panel killed me 😀
    the granny peeping out of the sewer, so random XD

    1. Yes.

      He was threatened by everyone else into dropping the 20, and that’s why he is sweating profusely throughout, but looks relieved in the final panel.

    2. What I got from it is that he is the only one who ISN’T a pervert (he was looking at her but with innocent intentions), but he’s the one who gets accused of being one just because of his appearance. It’s about not judging people based on what they look like.

  2. Looking at attractive butts is like looking at the sun. You can take quick glances but if you stare too long your eyes will hurt.

  3. I’m like “Everyone is looking at the grand-ma” but nobody noticied to 12 yesr old girl ???
    She looks like more pervert than any of the other (except the black guy).
    I mean, the girls of the new generations are more asked for sex (which they have their full sexual envy at 35 yo). But, she looks like a 20yo boy in a body of a 12yo girl.

    In résumé, Chris you stop stalking young kids.

    1. It’s the upside down guy who’s leering at her from the top of the panel that worries me. Isn’t anyone aware of the gravity of his situation?


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