The Bat Signal

18 thoughts to “The Bat Signal”

  1. How wasteful!
    There are literally dozens of homeless Gotham kids who don’t even have lights!
    1 like= #lightson!
    Ignore= sacrificing blind orphans to Satan via painful and slow torture!

        1. Well, sacrifices are bad & all, but I think we should focus on Satan’s feelings.

          We don’t know what he’s been through, or the pain he feels for the people he accidentally sacrificed.

          Free Satan now! He’s the real victim, he just oppressed by the invisible skinned patriarchy!

  2. Based on the shape of the bat logo, this is due to Michael Keaton’s Batman wanting to spend time with Michelle Pfeiffer’s Selina Kyle. The lucky rodent!

        1. Dude, butt out & let the lovebirds do their thing.

          With any luck, we’ll have the first ToonHole marriage.

          That’ll probably raise the viewer count by two or three people, in a few years.

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