Stand Up For Women

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  1. With the amount of security cameras in the modern white collar workplace..? Right. On the regular, guys are going to risk 100k to slap an ass, and no woman is going to go to HR–the institution put in place for very cause of stopping things like this. I don’t think so. Do you know what *does* happen, though..? Female employees perving on and even going so far as to harass and/or stalk male ones. 2, maybe 3 out of 5 workplaces, just ask any white collar workers. And because HR was invented *for* women and is almost always run *by* women, any men who realize they don’t have to take that crap get laughed out of the office. By these facts, it’s women in the workplace who should be mistrusted and scrutinized in their interactions with male coworkers, not men.

    I gave as many citations as every over report that’s built up the myth of the misogyny in the workplace; i.e., 2nd person anecdotal evidence.


  2. USA should start to protect the world!
    Invade all the countries!
    Extract all the resources!
    Destroy all the environments!
    EU opinion: where is our share?
    Great Britain says like father, like son

      1. Take it easy bro, I was just evaluating the level of toxicity of your public, good news: nobody gives a shit.
        Also, you guys abuse the “hipocrite” theme a little too much.

  3. Well, I see that the author is still living in 1940s.

    Do you really see woman so weak that they have no voice of their own and they NEED to be protected?

    We are equal. If you gona get harassed STAND UP for yourself, BECAUSE NOBODY WILL STAND UP FOR YOU.

    And please don’t start with this “Woman are taught to be meek and submissive”. They HAD 80 years to change and if failed then we have to ask ” Nurture or Nature?”.

    I respect woman and seem them as capable and worthy to be equal to man and if a woman allows to be harassed then SHE DOES IT CAUSE IT WON’T BENEFIT HER TO DO EITHER WISE!

    btw/ Why the guys are drawn as 60s caricatures and the woman looks modern?

    1. Considering amount of charges Eu institutes generated on sexual abuse department this year … I would say tradition still lives


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