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  1. True, but then again, she also created an unpractical sort of philosophy that annihilates subjective and intrinsic points of views, which any individual will eventually return to when pushed too far.

  2. A society with a free market isn’t a bad thing. Money is not bad or good, it only represents a potentiality – to do something productive and good, or something unproductive or bad – the problem is that our society has become very indivualist and hedonistic, then when those ethical values ​​are translated into the market we we realize that in a place of being a market based on the game of supply and demand under conditions of fair competition is, in fact, the opposite. It is a war of “save the one who can” then it appears that the Marxists call “class struggle” although it is true that always existed in human societies such as things like war, in those times we didn’t have the kind of abundance that exists today , it’s stupid to believe that still problems like hunger in the world are because of “low production” that’s a Malthusian conception that contradicts what todays “FAO” says: the problem is in the distribution.

    Also, would you guys mind to watch this and tell what you thing, thanks and sorry for my engrish.

  3. Can confirm: as a Conservative, the only ideology I hate more than the far left are the far right… Nazis, AnCaps, it’s all the same level of contemptible fuckery.

      1. No one has ever lived in a postcommunist country, we’ve never had a communist country that I am aware of. Just leaders who rally people behind the ideals of communism but never deliver, never actually implement communism. They lie to their people and claim everything for themselves and their closest allies. That is not communism.

        1. An ”wonderfull” ideology which cant be implemented is more evil and cause more pain than pragmatic ideologies which can be implemented.

        2. Of course not. It never is.

          But next time it will be.

          Wait, no it wasn’t. But next time it will be.

          Wait, no it wasn’t. But next time it will be. (ad infinitum)

    1. Nazis are leftists. Their whole ideology was affirmative action for Germans, free education, free healthcare, race (class basically) solidarity, market control, anti-free speach and individual rights in the service of the collective (sound familiar doesn’t it). The idea that the Nazis were leftist is communist Cold war propaganda. Also I do not hate Ancaps I see them as infantile intellectual lightweights.

      1. Whenever the Left fails (always), they turn around and claim it was really a Right-wing regime.

        The only thing that has kept the Left in power all these years is their despicable lack of morals. They always demonize their opponents while saying they’re the good ones, honest.

        Has there ever been a Left-wing speech that DIDN’T consist of saying “the other side is evil”, over and over?

        1. Fun idea, except the major seizure of power normally is understood as taking place in 1933, shortly after the Reichstag fire. At the time, the Nazi party was one of the, if not THE most right wing party in all of Germany, with about a dozen parties more liberal than they, between them and the Communist Party (the most left wing party at the time, IIRC)… Claiming they were a “leftist party” is entirely false. Any definition of left/right is purely in respect to where a country currently stands. For instance, modern Republican Party may be, in many issues, considered liberal if juxtaposed against what defined conservative values in centuries prior. It’s the issues that’ve been buried, and hence, what we don’t argue about anymore, that often determine where things stand in the long run. Yet, saying the modern GOP are “a leftist party” would make no sense, seeing how there are actual, dedicated, leftist parties lying around for all to see.

          Seriously. Google the Nazi party. It’s not that hard.

          However, the bigger problem comes from trying to box them in as any one thing. The Nazis always were wolves in sheep’s clothing. They were deceptive, underhanded, and twisted to their core when it came to what lines they were willing to cross and how causally they would do it. Fund paramilitary violence, then vow to put an end to it. (Probably) Burn down Parliament, then blame it on your political rivals.

          If something is as ruthless and deceptive as the Nazi party, what they slap on the label is probably the last thing you’d want to trust, but at the same time, their policies were a composite of what we may consider “common” left and right concepts. Hypermilitaristic. Very pro-nationalism. Yet, handing out smoking PSA’s miles ahead of most of the civilized world and having certain social programs. Hitler himself previously stated that it was neither primarily left or right wing, and the party itself waged war on the traditional parties of both sides. However, if you sit down and ask scholars, the most common answer leans towards right wing.

          To claim that the Nazi party was a leftist party is the kind of flimsy, memetic, echochamber argument that thrives off of people not doing their homework. I know identity politics is all the rage right now, but sometimes not forcibly jamming everything into Columns A & B is alright, too.

          1. Thank you for your well-put, reasoned argument.

            I agree, putting labels on everything and/or forcing everything into columns is ridiculous, but you will forgive me if I sometimes feel a little facetious, and just want to throw a little fuel to the fire myself. I’m only human.

            This bit here, though:

            “However, the bigger problem comes from trying to box them in as any one thing. The Nazis always were wolves in sheep’s clothing. They were deceptive, underhanded, and twisted to their core when it came to what lines they were willing to cross and how causally they would do it. Fund paramilitary violence, then vow to put an end to it. (Probably) Burn down Parliament, then blame it on your political rivals.”

            This is honestly how I see the Alt-Left these days. I have seen moderate leftists/liberals saying they do not agree with the actions of people such as Antifa and other similar groups.

            We know for a fact they’re not the least bit Right-wing, what with their rethoric of “Punch a Nazi” & complete idolisation of everything Communist, so this kinda proves that old, perhaps tired, horseshoe theory thingy is quite true. Although I would say they’re more like hyenas in wolves’ clothing.

  4. I went to a black Friday event for the first time in my life this year. I was expecting this, yet I got a tame and boring experience. The people at the store said that it hasn’t been like this for years, because of the internet. I’m starting to believe that the news stories about stuff like this are only shown from a select few places.

  5. This is a good comic as it made me laugh, therefore succesfull in its execution.

    However, the punchline doesn’t exactly inavlidate the argument made in the first panel.

    Black Friday is more of a consequence of mass media consumerism/hysteria advertising taking advantage of flawed human behaviour than it is of capitalism itself.

    Sure, it can be linked back to capitalism, but in a roundabout way, as mass media can be considered an indirect consequence of it. Yet, we can still see extremely effective examples of mass mind control through propaganda in non-capitalist societies that could be considered adevrtising, if the product they were selling wasn’t the state itself.

    Still, this is just over-analysing a comic, which, as I said, still works quite well.

    1. Black Friday, Trick or Treating, Easter eggs, ‘event’ cards that aren’t for Christmas or birthdays. All products of consumerism.

      Do you know what I did on ‘Black Friday’ this year? I bought a six-pack of cherry cola for a quid. That’s cheaper than a half-litre bottle of the same! Most I’ve ever bought on ‘Black Friday’.

      Excuse me while I down almost 2 litres of cherry cola and then see through time.

      1. Funny you mention that, I always have a look at online sales around Black Friday because everyone makes it to be such a big deal, but I never purchased anything.

        It looks to me that Black Friday discounts are always paltry when it comes to lots of other sales around the year.

        It’s like people are easy to brainwash, or something.

        Don’t forget to put rum or something on the colas, you’ll want to dilute them so they’re not too strong.

        1. Exactly. All hype and no substance. Even the january sales have more horsepower for its traction. Of course, in order to maximise the benefit of the january sales, it’s best to buy xmas gifts after december 1st, so you can be sure unwanted gifts can be returned within the standard 30 day period.

          Rum and cola, eh? Always been partial to dark rum. The darker, the better. Would never spoil it with flavoured cola, tho.

          1. Meh, my immediate family never bothers with Christmas gifts, we just have a family dinner. The little kids get a few gifts from more distant relatives and that’s it.

            I usually don’t put anything in my drinks, but here’s a good one for those long, cold winter nights: warm spiced rum & coffee. Just remember there’s alcohol in it, lest you “fall asleep” before reaching the bed!


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