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    1. The Left wants to kill police officers.

      The Left wants to take everyone’s guns away so only police officers carry guns.


      The Left wants to kill gun-wielding police officers using only their fists and a few planks.

      The Left is retarded.

      1. In case you don’t realize it by yourself let me point out what you did here.
        First you took portions of the population with quite varying ideas about how politics should be conducted and and grouped them under an umbrella term. Nothing wrong with that in principle but where it gets rather silly is when you seemingly suffer amnesia about the fact that this supergroup “left” contains different subgroups and you then pluck opinions that are held by certain groups and individuals, attribute them to the “left” repeat the same with different opinions held by different groups and BANG! Contradiction!

        1. I realise it, I even mentioned it below.

          Shoot a shitload of shoes into the air, and let them fall where they fit.

          If they don’t fit, why care?

          It’s not like we’re having world-changing conversations here, just shooting the shit – or shoes – & providing a bit of traffic to our favourite cartoonists.

    2. The Left says Trump cannot be trusted.

      The Left wants to make sure everyone’s dependent on the government for safety.

      The government is Trump.

      Have I mentioned the Left is incredibly retarded?

      1. The Right says they need more guns

        The Right kill each others with theses guns

        The Right want more guns so they can’t kill each others with all the guns they have

        The Right is retarded too

        Isn’t that wonderful?

        1. It is, isn’t it?

          You’re absolutely right, they’re retarded in a lot of things, too.

          However, from what I understand, in this particular case, their reasoning for gun ownership isn’t so much to protect themselves from other legal gun owners, as it is to protect themselves from ILLEGAL gun owners – aka criminals – and their own government.

          It’s all open to debate, of course, but when you look at how certain governments treat their citizens, I have this sneaky suspicion in the back of my mind that the US isn’t much, much worse nowadays simply because many of the citizens are armed to the teeth.

          1. We don’t use the oppressive term criminal anymore, we say legally challenged or a person of different felony status. God Izzy its 2017.

          2. That was gloriously beautiful, Milan.

            Someone, somewhere, would probably say that without the tiniest speck of irony.

            Thank you.

          3. If they wanted to be protected from peoples having illegals guns why are they against better guns controls? It doesn’t make any sense!

          4. So you believe that those who have ILLEGAL guns acquired them through legitimate means?


            How can LEGAL gun CONTROL help against ILLEGAL gun ownership? Are you really this naive?

  1. Can you not keep fucking up when you try to make political comics by making false equivalencies instead of legitimate funny-cuz-it’s-true points?

    Screeching about gun control every time there’s an incident of murder involving guns is less akin to things like panel 2 and 3, and more like if one were to screech about the failure of the 13th amendment to the U.S. constitution every time a black person commits murder.

    A racial demographic comprising 13% of the population commits 55% of our murders. That’s not justification for taking human rights away from black people. The fact that–out of the 40% of our population that own a firearm–a few wingnuts go off and murder people with guns is certainly not a legitimate justification for taking away people’s human right to self-defense and self-determination that’s secured by the ownership of a gun.

    1. Wow. I’m sure your life will be so much poorer if you didn’t own a gun. Just like the 6.7 billion people who don’t live in the USA have such poor lives because they don’t own guns.

      Oh, wait.

      1. But they do have poorer lives than people in the USA. USA has the highest level of respect for individual rights bar none. You should learn about the rest of the world and expand your mind.

          1. Enjoy your centrally planed economy which hasn’t had any growth since the 80’s, waiting lines in hospitals and dairy workers spilling their milk on the streets because the EU gave them export quotas. I might ask you not to reproduce but having in mind you are French you probably aren’t while North African ape humans are overbreading on your dime. So fuck you and aurevoir.

          2. Peeps, I’m probably not the best person to say this, mainly because I’m an asshole, but insults & name-calling of the direct variety are completely unnecessary, not to mention outright rude & uncivilised.

            Better to just make a blanket statement. That way, if someone CHOOSES to take umbrage, I’d say that’s their problem.

            Let’s all disagree, but hug at the end of the day & probably engage in an orgy of gay sex. I’m just throwing the idea out there.

        1. I live in the rest of the world. We don’t live in fear of being shot by our neighbours. We don’t spend our money on armaments that our children might accidentally wound or kill us with. We expanded our minds and we saw a bigger picture. We work towards a future our children can live in, not just survive in.

      2. I might have opened up an argument with you, were it not for the fact that you seem to think that only U.S. citizens have the legal right to own guns.

        I to the D to the I-O-T; what’s that spell?

        1. I never said that there are even countries where you have a duty to own guns like Switzerland. How did you come to the observation that I believe that only in the USA you can legally have an gun?

        2. I never said only the USA owned guns. I said that the rest of the world doesn’t use gun ownership as a measure of its social development.

          1. And I say many people across the world do.

            Do you know the difference between those two opinions? Yours is an absolute claim (i.e. frankly impossible) and mine is a given eventuality; some people outside of the U.S. are bound to use the possession of personal safety insurance as a benchmark of social development. But what’s more, not only would I be justified in giving you a big fat ‘CITATION NEEDED’ for your claim, but your claim itself is an appeal to popularity–it’s literally worthless as an argument because it’s logically fallacious.

            And what’s truly rich, is, you say: “I live in the rest of the world. We don’t live in fear of being shot by our neighbors. We don’t spend our money on armaments that our children might accidentally wound or kill us with. We expanded our minds and we saw a bigger picture. We work towards a future our children can live in, not just survive in.”

            What a joke. You live under threat of practically any nut with a blunt object who decides to take a whack at you for whatever reason. You are defenseless against criminals, and what’s more, your own government should it ever take a try at oppressing you. You sound like a cuckold husband with no spine trying to rationalize why his wife has gone off him by just telling everyone that he’s ‘just fine’ with it. You aren’t just fine, you’re weak, because you think like a weakling. No wonder the Muslims are flooding into Europe and Australia (assuming you’re European or Australian, one of the two), if they’re filled with thick-headed people like you. Criminals of all stripes have guns, in addition to multiple other ways of attacking you that could only be thwarted if you had a gun, and your government has guns. You don’t.

            And you think this is preferable to a situation that grants people equal footing.

          2. Because the rest of the world trades safety for FREEDOM. And when the tide turns in those countries they wont have anything to defend them selves with.

          3. @Jackie Ascott: Ah, I see. I’m dealing with someone who only deals in binaries. There is no option for a debate here.

  2. Ha ha ha so true. Us puny earthdwellers should shut our flabby air bags and submit to glorious space emperor XeghREEEEEEhvstx CIV as is the only logical choice

  3. Can we not begin every sentence with ‘can we not’ so as to pander to an internet cartoon’s one dimensional continuity due to our our need to satiate our juvenile web mentality which has stretched back since the immature youth that Bill Gates first spoiled us with this overrated inventio

    I MEAN lol anal probing joke @teh end XD

  4. millions of guns in the us…1 asshole snaps and goes beserk = ban em all

    billions of trucks worldwide multiple assholes use them to drive into crowds of people and kill the same amount of people as mass shooters = look the other way.

      1. Max lives having fellow Frenchies moved down by macho Arab men. It excites him he probably jacks it off to pictures of mangled dead European children crushed by trucks. White guilt European cuckery for the win.

  5. i feel that if our agenda laden superiors really cared about lives, they’d target the real problems in america that they could actually do something about. heart disease, obesity and our over processed no-nutrient food supply for some quick examples. how many people die by the cigarette & cheeseburger vs an assault rifle each year.

    1. aww 🙂 .. i just had to provide you guys the numbers.. 610,000 heart disease deaths vs ~300 “assault rifle” deaths last year by some reports.

      I encourage you to read up and understand the problems in this country yourself instead of listening to me or any “credible media” outlet.


    2. I’ll fight to the death for my right to die of various complications caused by poor lifestyle choices.

      The last thing I want is a nanny state. Nein, merci.

    3. Maybe if you you stoped considering pizza as an vegetable and having guns being so accessible you wouldn’t have so much peoples dying of obesity and gunshots… Who know?

  6. The Daily Show was saying the exact same thing a couple of days ago. Sometimes some people just refuse to see the solution.

  7. So with this lefty logic is…

    If one Black person kills a gang member then ALL BLACKS KILL PEOPLE..

    Please choose one….

    Also….GUN ARE NOT protect your self from other people, but from a tyrannical government. So people should have tanks to resist the government if it goes bonker by law.

    1. The simple fact you believe your guns are the only things preventing the biggest super power with the most massive arsenal(including nuclear weapons) and the most powerful army of the world to became totalitarian is sad… But damn hilarious!

      Also, trying to equate gun legislation with racism just make you sound like an asshole…

        1. May i remind you the reason the Americans won the war?

          1) The British were way too far for proper logistic
          2) They were already in multiple wars with others colonial superpower
          3) The Americans were helped by the French

          The reasons militas and civilians could do shit if the government went full nazi?

          1) The best armed & trained soldiers of the world
          2) An armada of drones for chirurgical operation
          3) If the government went REALLY full psycho-fascisco-nazi they could use their nuclear arsenal to wipe any of you

          1. Freedom dies not by brute force of the oppressors but withe the cowardice of the oppressed. You my friend and people like you will be the death of our freedoms.

      1. Have you heard of TURKEY! THEY FAILED TO OPPOSE A TYRANT AND THEY HAD HALF THE MILITARY ON THEIR SIDE because they did not had WEAPONS to oppose the arsehole. But i expect a commie like you to defend this. Have you heard of VENEZUELA! Guess what they have…STARVATION AND MISERY,WHY? GOVERNMENT HOLDING ALL THE POWER WITH NO OPPOSING FORCE TO ANSWER TO.

        Only communistic powers will put a ban one weapons BECAUSE THEY DON’T WANT THE PEOPLE TO BE A FRET TO THEIR TYRANNICAL GOVERNMENT.

        1. No… Just… No… You can’t be seriously trying to use the situation in Turkey and Venezuela to justify you strange and pathetic resistance fantasy… Your gun control = apartheid comment make you sound like an asshole, this one just confirm it…

      2. Guns ARE the only thing preventing the US from becoming a totalitarian state.

        Even the Democrats aren’t insane enough to kill most of their own citizens & rule over a wasteland.

        1. No the only thing keeping the US from becoming is not the guns… It’s the relative stability democracy bring and the majority of peoples will take a relative stability than senseless chaos.

          1. You’re right, I exaggerated a bit.

            Democracy is, by far, the most important thing when it comes to stability, I wholeheartedly agree with you.

            Which is why I do not want to see it replaced by any other form of government. Democracy isn’t perfect, but everything else sucks big salty donkey balls.

            We can agree on that.

  8. The problem is using gun control to stop mass shootings is a non sequitur. You’d have to get rid of them AND the tools to make them (and you can make guns with common plumbing pipes…) to have any kind of impact. More gun control has not been sufficiently linked to better safety – for every example of success there is a counterexample. Not having as many insane people in your society with access to weapons (be they guns, knives, or fists)… now that is a solution!


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