Self Driving Car

14 thoughts to “Self Driving Car”

  1. this one was so absurd and weird that I loved it.

    I really love to see this TOONY side of Toonhole. I think that’s your guys’ strong point and this comic is one that shows off your guys more unique style. Not to say make everything absurd and random, cuz that might get old too, but I really liked the overall feel of this one especially the way the third panel was presented. It was a completely impossible gesture, but that’s what made it good.

    anyway kisses ilu

  2. Twist: It wasn’t a self-driving car at all – the driver was wearing a fake car seat!

    But no one knew! Not even the guys at the car-crushing yard!

  3. When the car saw the super-forced-interracial-white-woman-black-man-(of course it’s always that combination)-couple-that’s-the-trope-in-every-recent-web-comic, he drank himself to tree crash.


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