Presidential Legacy

18 thoughts to “Presidential Legacy”

  1. You motherfucking beanchuker retard. You can’t rape a slave any more you can rape a washingmachine they are both household appliances. If you do not like it here go back to the dung favela your ugly goat of an mother crawled out of. I hope God-Emperor TRUMP sends your spik ass to an internment camp. And how DARE you call my racist humor lazy. It is enlightened and wise.
    In summary another lazy lib-bating cuck comic from John. Take a long walk on the short dock beanner.

    1. Milan.

      Shut up.

      Mr. Martinez is saying that El Trumpo isn’t that bad. He illustrates this by pointing out other presidents did worse things.

      It’s quite refreshing to see a gag involving Trump that isn’t some sort of murder fantasy by a malicious, deranged “liberal”.

      ToonHole rocks, always has, always will.

  2. I agree. Shut up Milan and leave that type of rant for 4chan or somewhere else like that. I thought the comic wasn’t so bad.

  3. “Abraham Lincoln, there, running interference with some classic Republican deflection. He’s definitely trying to score points with somebody. Back to you in the studio, John.”

  4. Millard Fillmore would have something to say about this.
    Unfortunantly he’s in hell with all the other forgotten presidents.

  5. And Andrew Jackson here deported Indians to Oklahoma, ruined Central Banking in favor of uncontrolled and wild banks, hates blacks, and being scary psychopath.
    And FDR here sent Japanese Americans to the crowded and filthy camps.
    Oh, Reagan here somehow responsible for turning GOP into what we know today.
    Yeah, but not sure Trump will be the worst, but sometimes people seems to heavily nostlagize the past as glorious.

    1. Especially the people who long for a return to a ‘Golden Age’, but can’t actually pinpoint the exact time period when their ‘Golden Age’ existed.

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