Poisonous Frog

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  1. That frog is literally Hitler, We should all give our tax dollars to fund lesbian dance theory classes for DREAMERS on state universities. Is that right MARTINEZ.

  2. This is a great template for a meme. Just like the retarded dog, but with much better artwork.

    Just make sure you remove any trace of Toonhole.com & Monsieur Martinez name, as is the proper etiquette for these affairs.

    Honestly, I have no idea if this comic is about alt-left or alt-right retardedness… it’s all become a blur, by this point.

  3. Both those for and against taxation are too stupid to realise the direction our society is taking is pathetic and our ‘civilized society’ needs to be de-constructed and re-made in a way for those who wish to bring about progress within humanity are free to do so, whilst those who wish to pursue art, leisure, sport, philosophy, sin and depravity are free to do so. Humanity has both the ability and knowledge to accomplish this goal, but not the will.

    All the bootlickers are pathetic.

    1. So basically you want a kindergarden for adults? Because our society is not accepting enough of slackers and whores? Who is standing in the way of your pursuits? I am sick and tired of lib-art college retards acting as if they are victimized by the richest, most free and most tolerant society on the face of this Earth, The only thing standing in front of your success and happiness are your own problems and failures. And define progress? What is progress for you? Name one modern society which has given a greater scientific and cultural impact than USA and the western world. There are always problems in any epoch of any society but the founding principles of our society are rock solid. Our civilization is the garden which has given us the fruits of freedom and liberty. Man up and take responsibility for your own failures and stop blaming the inherent and unavoidable inequities of human society. Don’t thread on me fagot.

      1. Naive fool, you comment upon the past but fail to take the lessons your forefathers warned you about into consideration. I feel bad for you my brother that you have been misguided so far as to spew hatred upon those who would only wish you well and offer you a helping hand. Please open your mind to the positive possibilities the future holds, there is more to life than money.

        1. I never said there is not more to life than money, what I am saying is that you should pay for your self and not expect others to pay for your frivolous pursuits.I am also saying that tearing the founding principles of our civilization would lead to societal failure and wouldn’t remedy any inherent and unavoidable inequity. I hope I have implanted some sense and understanding into your skull my dear. And you have a bizzare way of offering a helping hand having in mind that you want to tear my society, so I would politely decline your hand (except if you are not in any case a sexy woman than please open my eyes o illuminator).

          1. I completely agree with Milan on this. I never thought I’d say that, but he is right. Life is and should be a meritocracy. Those willing and able to work hard should do well and those would languish and expect hand outs should be allowed to reap from the seeds of failure that they have sown. The direction society is taking is rather pathetic but it doesn’t need to be deconstructed. The foundations need to be re-established. Freedom of speech and expression. Freedom to succeed. Accepting that America is a constitutional republic, not a democracy and that the tyranny of the big cities shouldn’t infringe on the rights of the smaller states. Hate speech laws are unconstitutional. Affirmative Action is simply using racism to fight racism, which has failed on a fundamental level since education used to be a meritocracy and the racial divide needs to be addressed on a cultural level. Laws should be upheld, not deliberately ignored or circumvented.
            If the foundations upon which modern society has been built are allowed to decay, modern society will crumble along with them.

          2. Lurker101: Please check the dictionary/encyclopedia and discover that a republic is a form of democracy, not something distinct to a democracy.

            I’m reminded of an idiot from another forum who was convinced that “when the Republicans control the government, America is a republic, and when the Democrats control the government, America is a democracy.”

          3. RBZ, I understand the difference which is why I explicitly said it is a constitutional republic. The constitutional conformity is a big difference maker and protects from the inherent evils of a true democracy. A pure democracy is simply mob rule and without the constitution and the electoral college, elections would simply be two wolves and a lamb deciding what’s for dinner.

    2. You’re free to pursue art & have been for decades, if not centuries.

      You’re free to bring about progress within humanity & again, have been for centuries.

      Current western democracies have – for now – the highest degree of personal liberty ever attained in human history, not the smallest of which is, to be free to move to any other place on Earth without risk of imprisonment or death.

      Any deconstruction you achieve of current western society will always, in every way, be many, many steps back. Yes, there are much room for improvement, but it must necessarily be ON TOP of what has been achieved so far.

      I’m sorry that you’re unhappy, but please, please, don’t go around fucking it up for everyone else. Chances are you’ll never be happy anyway, so it’s something you, personally, should work on, instead of trying to drag everyone down with you.

      As for the value of money, I’m guessing either you have too much & will never realise how important it is, or haven’t started earning it yet & will soon change your tune.

  4. Are we talking about good and service taxation or income taxation?

    I kind of support the last one. The first should as limited as it could.

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