Personal Trainer

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  1. Typical of the weak-privileged to write such a comic. Those for whom steroids wouldn’t make a bit of difference because they lack the discipline to build any sort of respectable physique.

    “Everyone pities the weak; jealousy must be earned.”

  2. Do you know that steroids don’t offer any actual results unless you’ve been lifting forever and your at your natural peak?

    Next time draw about something you clearly have an idea about instead of projecting your negative views on those who dedicate themselves to the iron.

  3. Absolute swolehate. A man eats correctly, exercises consistently, and is attacked for it. This is what our society has become.

  4. Some like running. Some like cycling. Some like lifting weights.

    Out of the whole community of people who do some sort of physical exercise, those of us who lift weights have to hear this stuff over and over again.

    None who enjoys biking gets accused on a regular basis of using EPO. Joggers accused of taking PED? Never heard of.

    I have to listen peacefully to the world (coworkers, news papers and… comic strips…) denigrating what I enjoy every now and again. Drugs exist in every sport. The people bad-mouthing have little to no clue about what they’re talking about.

    It’s not funny anymore, try a different joke. We heard that thousand times. It’s trite and ignorant.

  5. Hahaha, “Swolehate”… I haven’t heard that one before. Just so all you lovely Beef-heads know, we never make comics to “Attack” people. THEY ARE JOKES. Nothing like a good comic to cut through all that sweaty muscle straight to the core, right? Hate and Jealousy have nothing to do with Toonhole’s comics… But if you have a deep seeded insecurity about anything, chances are you will be offended sooner or later… Hopefully by us… But, you know what? Its actually good to know Swolemongers have feelings too, right guys?

    I officially retract Ryan’s apology, after all, he managed to piss off wimpy nerds who get bullied and gym-rat buff guys all in two weeks! Bravo sir, Bravo!


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