12 thoughts to “Penis Envy”

  1. So, the cartoon is clearly shown on the main page, but blurred with a “Warning Mature Content” notice on its own page?

    I think the site needs bit more rejigging.

    1. *inBobDylanvoice “The times they are a channnggggiinnnnngggggg” (cue the harmonica)

      Glad the dick jokes are still good. Yeah A Butt, we had to do some upgrades to the site, and in the process some visual upgrades as well.
      Promise it will ultimately be worth it.

      We’ll be working on it over time and hope we can keep it as your warm and comfy Toonhole…. full of shlongs.

      If you notice any weird bugs or wanna share some thoughts leave us a comment or shoot us a line:

      1. no no, I’m sure it will be good! I could swear when I first came to the new updated site I saw you guys had your longform comics somewhere all neat and tidy, which would be very good for everyone. I’m certain that’s what you guys are attempting to do, so go for it!!

        Only thing I’m hoping is you guys can keep the original Toonhole background with all the weird stuff in there. I never said it before, and I shoulda, but I always really liked that background. It wasn’t in your face at all and really blended in very well, but when you looked into it you could find all sorts of stuff. I remember there is a dick somewhere hidden in the background too, and it was always nice to be able to spot it.

        but(t), I will wait on it a bit more before I judge it too much. You guys are doing a good job like always, appreciate ya


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