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  1. >This comic has been posted in a time period when a CONSERVATIVE president has said the freedom of the press is quote, ‘disgusting’.

    1. Except this was/is the attitude of almost every open-minded, liberal Atheist I’ve encountered since high-school, and I graduated in 2002. The shoe has not stopped fitting because we have a literal cheeto in office.

    2. And even did not help by the fact that “hurr durr, Corporate Media 4th estate, durrr…” has been utilized for ill purposes Look, I get what you mean but their tendency to make cheap take (like recent “hey look, he is dumping entire box into koi pond” rather than more serious one) and “trend” (like complaining opponents for superficiality without realizing their own similar faults didn’t help) did not help them look good.
      Hilariously, enough I think it’s rather ironic when many college students use that lingo without clarifying HOW.

  2. Ah, the naïveté of a young child. Discussions are useless. Everyone who disagrees with me is a Communist Nazi & should be punched. Or maybe killed. You know, for The Greater Good.

  3. I try to be open minded, I really do!
    But those damn crows keep pecking at my exposed brain!
    Then again can I blame them for being hung… OW! HEY! NO I NEED THAT! AHHHHHHH HELLLLP!! THE BEAKS HURT SO MUCH!

  4. I’m flattering and I find this comic extremely atheist (Cuz seriously, the day the word ‘nontheist’ catches on will be the day I start calling any branch of that obvious religion ‘non-jew’, given how he used to be Jewish and everything..)

  5. I know I said the other day that they were abusing the hypocritical comic but this one is very good. In Argentina probabaly it will be liberal catholic. Shit, even Friedman is not the problem, but you can still hear the thought of Spencer and Malthus. Concepts such as civilization and barbarism. And before any of you say that I am a communist, no, I respect the ideas of Marx as much as Smith’s, it hurts that in this last case the liberals quote the part that suits them without ever remembering that according to Smith the only source of wealth is the work, contrary to Friedman that for him is the consumerism and the debt.

  6. You can’t win an argument with an idiot.

    If you challenge their stated opinion, they’ll assume their opinion is being challenged because it has merit.
    If you ignore their stated opinion, they’ll assume their opinion is unchallenged because it’s correct.

    1. I’ve read this comparison many times – arguing with a leftie is like playing chess with a pigeon. No matter how well you play, the pigeon will just strut around knocking over the pieces & shitting all over the board.

      Then you give up in disgust & the pigeon “wins”.

        1. But if you shoo the pigeon, it shows you’re not willing to engage, and if you call people names, it can mean you have no argument.

          Besides, labelling people willy-nilly in nice collectivist little fences* is what brought us to the point where we are today, regarding politics.

          *Yes, I too sometimes imagine we could gather all idiots inside nicely fenced perimeters… but that could probably end badly. Just a hunch.

  7. That’s the beauty of comic strips: it doesn’t matter how bad are the ideas they’re trying to pass along, they’re really efficient at that.


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