Halloween Costumes

14 thoughts to “Halloween Costumes”

    1. No, it is not fine.

      By the looks of it, he’s shaping up to be a hippie.

      Do you want hippies running around in our streets? DO YOU???

      1. if the hippie isn’t planning on blowing me up with a grenade while shouting Allu Akbar or shooting me, I don’t really care.

        1. No, but he’ll give you shit if you explode ON the gentlexhe who did blow you up with a grenade while shouting Allahu Akbar.

          Probably conduct a social media witch hunt on everyone even tangentially related to you.

  1. A globe is an impractical costume for Fathers for Justice.

    Either that, or it’s a depiction of true events. This is the reason Mike doesn’t do the comics anymore, right?

  2. So…it’s due to vampires, pirates and Batman that world peace is unattainable?
    Yeah, I’m sorry guys, but in a world where Scandinavia and The World has been striking allegorical goal since the dawn of this decade, this feels kinda passé. Try again.

    1. This is just my interpretation of the comic – who knows what goes on an artist’s mind besides drugs? – but I don’t think it’s allegorical.

      Don’t you remember being a kid? This seems like a perfectly reasonable response for kids, when confronted with a smug little bastard like I was, I mean, like Mikey.

      As for SatW… I used to really like that comic before I started noticing the lunacy of the left. Even then, I continued reading it, just for the opposing points of view.

      But then Trump won… and she went batshit crazy obsessed with the guy, like a lot of lefties, and I just couldn’t take it anymore. I used to read that for SCANDINAVIA, not American politics.

      1. Eh, fair enough. América is just full of people who dont know that they’re smug until they get on their high horse without realizing they’re doing so to begin with. Its hard to pinpoint those from the ones that are truly innocent despite forgetting how they have to shed their kindness to be ‘the best’.


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