28 thoughts to “Mixed Baby”

  1. Bad Hombre Wetback John shows his hate for white children. The wall got 10 feet higher.

    No joke, the comic is shit. Fuck you John. You suck. Drink cbeach. Leave Toonhole and back to Mehico.

    1. Toonhole is not a country, just as Hawaii is not a continent, princess.

      Get your facts right before bullying someone.

      If there’s one thing I can’t stand, is a dumb bully. It makes it seem you’re doing it for the satisfaction of harming someone, mentally or physically, instead of the satisfaction of running laps around someone’s slower wit.

      And that’s just not cool, sugartits.

      1. IZZY, you and I discussed Milan’s hate for John. I believe you told me that he has the same right as anyone else on here, to be here… Why not just let him be, giving him attention is just going to make it worse…

        1. And I stand by it. I didn’t tell him to go away, I just gave him a verbal smackdown for being slow-witted.

          I’m really worried about this trend of shutting down people who think differently. Being an asshole is not a crime. If it were, 99% of the world’s population would be locked up behind bars.

          I dunno, maybe we should just make camps where we can put all the people we don’t like, so we don’t have to deal with them & we can go on with our chemically-induced happiness/stupor, pretending the sky is pink?

          1. lol He obviously loves the comics as he’s been coming here for a LONG time! 🙂 I think he just enjoys getting a rise out of people (it’s obviously working).

    2. Can you please leave the community ?
      To me, you seem to be an Asshole in uppercase.

      We are at toonhole, not asshole so get out.
      Have a nice day far far from here.
      Thank you,
      The toonhole community

  2. Is this a commentary on the refusal of responsibility perpetrated by certain members of the black community, causing a disproportionate amount of fatherless children in ghettos?

      1. Hmm, what if the father is toonhole, the mother is our audience, and the baby is our comment section. And Milan is the mixing bowl?

    1. to be fair, Milan spams the comics and practically begs to be noticed

      also found out he’s a trump supporter, so this explains a lot, lol

    2. It’s funny, every time a troll – or, even, although NOTT in this case, a person of different opinion – shows up in a community, several members of said community immediately make it their life goal to ban said troll, on the grounds that he’s destroying said community.

      The overreaction fallout of the self-appointed forum (comment section) police is always so widespread that it’s the very thing that usually kills the community the busybodies set off to protect.

      As it is happening now. They couldn’t just smack Milan around for a bit, maybe crack a joke or two. They had to make it their life’s work to join in for the banishment of one single troll. Thus the comment section became all about Milan.

      Another self-prophecy fulfilled. Congratulations guys, pat yourselves on the back – you did it!

        1. That’s how it works buddy, I vomit into your mouth as the mother bird feeds her hatchlings. Pretty soon you’ll be able to fly.

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