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  1. I don’t really know where he puts it if they are mermaids and I DON’T wanna know

    Know more on : MermaidSlut.medieval!
    Just kidding and I wish that this site doesn’t exist

    1. You never seen the Red Dwarf episode Better Than Life? The Cat knows how to imagine mermaids – top half fish, bottom half woman – anything else would be just weird!

  2. My Dearest Milan,

    As you are no doubt aware, Toonhole is a wonderful webcomic that is the result of a collaboration between multiple artists, much like Cyanide & Happiness for example. This means that whilst there is a consistent update schedule, there is no guarantee as to which artist will have provided the comic on any given day.

    Whilst I understand your frustration at not always finding comics you find funny, and I respect your right to voice your opinion, I would kindly request that you keep in mind that much like ALL of the content freely available on the internet, this webcomic is not designed to appeal to YOU specifically.

    I shall take an example from a different world – the world of music. I personally dislike Justin Bieber and I am very open about it. However, his continued success is not due to me, or any one person. It is due to the thousands of fans he DOES have. As such, I realise that, whilst fun, it would be an utterly futile effort on my part to go to every one of his shows and throw buckets of urine over him.

    As artists, there are two options… Either you keep making things you enjoy and hope that other people enjoy those things… Or you change completely in attempt to reach a wider audience, thereby weakening your own artistic integrity.

    However, from your consistent verbal attacks it is clear that you will only be satisfied if John specifically writes and draws comics for you, ignoring his own artistic style and humour.

    Therefore, whilst I appreciate your opinions and your right to voice them, I must ask you to consider how you are doing so.

    Repeatedly telling a man he is bad at fishing will never make him become a better fisherman. Providing constructive criticism, such as explaining that a certain type of lure works better, will undoubtedly help him on his way.

    Bad – “Your art sucks”
    Good – “Your art style is a little off. Have you considered using photoshop to sharpen the lines a little?”

    Bad – “Unfunny garbage”
    Good – “The joke isn’t as accessible as it could be. Have you considered jokes which appeal to a wider variety of people?”

    And so, my dearest Milan, I hope you can learn from my message. If you cannot, I would kindly ask that you shut the fuck up.

    1. Wow, you’re a bit of a tool… Not that I side with Milan, but what you just did was way more annoying than anything Milan has ever said.

      1. Personally, I disagree because it could be really useful for Milan to be polite than insulting.

        But do you care ? I’m only a nobody guy in the other side of my computer.

    2. Thanky for showing me the way Typical Reader now I will stop shit talking comics and start criticing them with a glass of wine in one hand and my cock in an other as it is the mannerism you obviously had while writing this auto gratifying jackoff in my own direction.
      First of all I am not aware that toonhole is a wonderful place today because the majority newer comics are posted by John and they are bad. I have been watching and laughing at toonholes brilliant comics for 5 years, but that laughter and joy was cut short by the absolute shittornado that are Johns comics. http://toonhole.com/comic/20-minute-wait/#comments this retarded abomination broke my silence and inspired me to comment Johns comics. I have noticed a lot of thin skined peple wanting to shut me up for my disrespecting of Johns comics, Toonhollers you have the same right to shut the fuck up your selves, and actually I can make a point that you do more damage to toonhole than I ever could by commenting. John wouldn’t be this bad if he wasn’t praised for his ”comical brilliance” constantly by pussywet fangirls or by people trying to be nice to his comedic failed abortions, you have allowed him to go this low, now reap the rewards.

      How do you like my ”constructive criticism” about your comment? A word of advice, if you are going to point you finger in my direction and exemplify my shortcomings: GIT GUD!!

    3. I was amused until you started talking about Justin Bieber.

      Do you realise, that if it weren’t for you people who don’t like Justin Bieber, a very large percentage of people on this Earth, myself included, would not know who he is?

      Not that he bothers me, but now he’s just another worthless celebrity that I was made aware of, and am constantly reminded, by the haters.


  3. Other than the very first comic on Toon Hole; This is definitely the largest comment section, and it’s mostly not even about the comic it’s self.

    Don’t y’all think when some new reader comes in and sees the garbage, they would be very put off… What we are doing here could really damage the site.

  4. John’s writing and artistry require a larger mind than yours to engulf the possibilities.

    Just now, he inspired this poetry!

    i am the sea past the sea
    some seaweed and some other day i
    wished that one day
    carry but
    now you hold nothing
    that is duller. doom
    begins to
    writhe in pain, and a sea of
    memories… earth is green. the earth
    now in danger? why was jesus
    born in a hive? who are
    “the mermaids?” where are
    the mermen?


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