28 thoughts to “Hot and Black”

    1. No worries. The original think behidn the saying “I like my women (or men if the drinker is female) like I like my coffee” is with the intent of saying things like strong, hot, black, creamy and other ways you can describe coffee. The joke is when you take things by too literally. I think the joke is that the second guy means something along the lines he likes coffee by the pot.

      1. OK, I understood the first two panels, but I didn’t get the naked women in a giant coffee pot. Does it allude to some variety of coffee? Is there a type of coffee called “white, naked, by the pot”?

        1. You keep coffee in the pot while you’re not drinking it right? So what this is saying is that he keeps his women while he’s not errm… “drinking” them? 😛 So when he wants one of them, he would just pour one out.

  1. Cold and Bitter and
    When asked “How much cream would you like in your coffee?” More like Halle Berry than Wesley Snipes.


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