17 thoughts to “Horror Movie”

    1. Just what I wanted to write.
      I’ll just add the spinoff which is just as terrifying to me- “Being after 30″…

    1. I remember in the early 2000s, a mockumetary about Chavs, stating that eventually they’ll replace ‘us’ because they multiply faster (‘our generation gap being around 25, chav generation gap being around 15).

      “Childless at 20!” sounds like propaganda of the great social experiment.

      1. Your right, the adaptation is alittle biased. But the 1841 novel its based on is called “Unwed at 14!”. Be grateful it wasn’t that faithful to its source.

  1. Man another Soros funded propaganda attempted to make white couples childless. Why are you browning up our country Martinez? Sad!

  2. Horrifying for the children, I bet.

    I agree that most people shouldn’t have kids before 30… but that’s only because our society has been infantilised to the point where 20 somethings act like unreasonable children constantly throwing temper tantrums.

    Remove the absurd coddling & we can go back to having kids in our early 20s/very late teens (18-19).


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