Guess A Number

12 thoughts to “Guess A Number”

  1. If seven is the lucky number of the americans, is the nein the lucky number of germans ?

    Kidding, germans doesn’t how to count.

    1. Love how he’s saying no… if he actuallywants 9 it would’ve been Neun…
      And Germans can count. They counted all the way to 6 million!!

  2. the way you drew the faces really makes this comic good. I love how without even saying it, you made it self-aware “this is a dumb joke and I know it” just by arting it

    I really appreciate that and it made it funny, thanks bye

    1. yeahhhhhh. That’s exactly what I meant to do….(*sweats and darts eyes)

      Thanks A Butt.
      Just like the philosopher Nietzsche once said, “If you can’t make it funny, make it really really dumb.” and also “donde esta el bano?”
      Wise words.

      1. You wrote wrong “bano”.
        What do you want to say? Baño (bath) or ano (anus)?
        However the two words are related.

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