Grandparent’s Gift

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  1. At least he got 3 things from them. All his parents gave him were “Unnecessary student loans” and “hereditary disorders”.
    But eitherway, Happy Holidays ya sexy cucks! 😀

      1. Since when did fighting a war equivocate to dying? Soldiers do everything within their power to stay alive. I don’t follow this logic.

        1. After studying more than 4 years as a geography teacher, what became clear to me after seeing thousands of reports, leaks and statements from several soldiers from different sources inside and outside of several countries, is:
          1 ° That most of the conflicts in the world such as “Freedom for Iraq” have no clear justifications, no weapons of mass destruction, the war was declared even before an investigation was made of the attack of 9/11 (of which several crew members were saudies, an ally of the United States), more than 900 false press statements by G. Bush and Dick Cheney, both former CEOs of oil companies.
          2 ° Most soldiers generally show a disgusting antipathy against other cultures or races, something that was believed to have been left in the past, at least, by the armies of the so-called “developed countries” the thousands of abuses of part of the Israeli government as well as its military forces against the Palestinians is exemplary, ironic because it is a people that was historically persecuted and discriminated against. Usually with very stupid generalizations like “all Muslims are violent or potential terrorists”, this generally responds to the strategy of the “common enemy”, as was the case of “red fear” during the Cold War, despite the fact that the majority , can not describe what communism is, much less the complexity of the Muslim faith.
          3 ° Usually the excuse of “democratizing” oppressive regimes was used, but in many cases the military intervention did not get this, Libya is a good example of this, its economy and state infrastructure is completely in ruins, it is not uncommon to hear arguments like “with Kadafi we were better” obviously there are always oppressed minorities in many of these nations, but in the case of Iraq – again – the investment did not solve the oppression but simply changed the roles between the oppressed Shiite minority and the Sunni majority, giving place to the oppression of the second and the germination of the IE call. The real winners of these “freedom campaigns” are usually private military contractors and companies.
          4 ° Most media in developed countries and some third world countries are very heavily regulated by the government, this has become clearer in recent times in the United States as well as China, although the strategies and contexts are completely different, this generates that the “public opinion” can be molded to taste by the power of turn, this is where it appears these perhaps magical but useful concepts of “uncertainty” and the “post-truth”.

          Sorry for the long post and possible bad english, I just like politics a little too much.

          1. Commie fagot detected. “Developed countries”!?!? Are you retarded, are you sating that the USA or GBA are nor objectively more developed than Afghanistan or Somalia? How the fuck did raising the price of OIL help America? America imports oil retard. For the third argument I agree mostly. Point 2: Why is it bad that soldiers are disgusted by inferior cultures and nations? It makes it easier to kill them. In WWII most bullets were shot in the sky or non targets because soldiers couldn’t bear shooting other civilized people, shooting Muslims on the other hand is like pest control. ”Read fear”!?!?!? Are you trying to say that communist regimes and their fifth column supporters didn’t actively seek out to destroy capitalist, democratic nations? Or that the central idea of Islam is that Muslim have an divine right to oppress and kill non-muslims? I pity the children you have educated.

    1. A little advice for when you eventually get bombed back to the Stone Age in your perpetual war: Rubbing two sticks together can start a fire. Rubbing two sticks of dynamite together won’t do shit.

      1. RBZ enjoy getting your asshole ”culturally enriched” my your beloved migrants you leftist sperging fagot. Our guns protect your anus.

    2. If your principles lead to a world of endless perpetual war, then your principles are an abomination against humanity. And if you think shooting muslims is “pest control”, then so was shooting nazi filth during ww2.

        1. Well, if you want to be accurate, saying that all Muslims are bad because of the actions of islamists is like saying all Germans are bad because of the actions of the nazis.

  2. Well, if you want to be accurate, saying that all Muslims are bad because of the actions of islamists is like saying all Germans are bad because of the actions of the nazis.


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