God Is Always Watching

21 thoughts to “God Is Always Watching”

  1. You can’t die of not shitting. It’s gonna come out before you die, whether you want it or not.

    Hell, it’s gonna come out AS you die.

    Now, dying of masturbatory deprivations, on the other hand, is a very real & scary possibility.

    I wonder if Allah touches himself as he watches me touching myself.

    1. Teddy didn’t say he died of not shitting. He said it was hard for him to shit with people watching.

      All that “holding it in for longer than was medically advisable” probably resulted in his getting an impacted colon, a diseased caecum, a prolapsed rectum and/or any other number of potentially-fatal faeces-related conditions.

      1. Holy shit! I think those deaths may be even worse than blowing up in a torrent of faecal matter.

        Thanks for the nightmares, RBZ.

        1. You’re welcome.

          BTW, The only way I can think of where you’d blow up in a torrent of faecal matter would be if you cherry bombed yourself, Darwin Award style.

    1. Who are you demon ??? What have you did with “a butt” ? Are you his evil twin brother ??
      You “AN BUTT” bastard. Just kidding but why did you kill him?

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    1. Is this sincerely spam or am I just not picking up on sarcastic Internet humor these days?

      Anywho, well done as usual, Chris.

    1. Holy crap, I hadn’t noticed that! Toonhole is going full SJW on us – get the helicopter Milan, we got ourselves a few potential customers.

  3. Chris I love you, But this was some omega level crap man. Very lazy humor, the lead up and punch line have a very vague connection. Are you guys purposely sinking the site? Is this an insurance or buy out thing? You have been posting new comics further and further apart, and the last 3, at least, seem almost purposely bad… Seriously man, omega level bull shit.

    1. “Are you guys purposely sinking the site? Is this an insurance or buy out thing?”

      Somebody photochop Chris onto the Happy Merchant!

  4. oh……..well you aren’t gonna like the crappers up here then Teddy. You know all the walls being transparent clouds and such. You could go to Hell but it’s plumbing is a nightmare, something about high water coming. Any way enjoy your Holy Shit.


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