15 thoughts to “God Has A Plan”

  1. So…. Can we say now that bitches are a creation of God ?
    He must pay then like a normal being ? So God is a kind of nerds then.

    Mind fuck (or is it God ?)

  2. If it wasn’t for the x’s over its eyes, I’d say that dog was enjoying a tummy rub.

    Tummy rubbed to death. What a way to go!

    1. Sure. It’s a “john martinez”.

      That’s why it says “Chris Allison” on the art, and tech problems mean EVERY comic is still tagged with “john martinez” as the author.

      Keep Up!

    1. When you first started trolling John I could understand, yea Milan probably just has nothing better to do. But your jokes have really died out, your starting to repeat yourself. Go back to /b/ get some fresh material, then comeback and try again.

      At this point, Milan is an integral part of the Toon Hole experience…


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