8 thoughts to “Flintstones”

      1. Hey, don’t put words in my mouth! That’s not the real Milan! You know I’m the real Milan, because I have an avatar.

        Anyway, he may be fake, but he’s right, I do love Hispanics and I love John’s comics the most! In fact I think everyone OTHER than John is shit!!!

        1. I am the real Milan. And everyone that follows mine and John’s love affair knows I don’t use an avatar. I love you John, and I wish you luck in this new year. (That user ^ is clearly Abutt)

  1. Why is Wilma a mute? Shouldn’t she be shouting “FRED!” in the second panel?

    Also, I had to google “flintstones vitamins” in order to be certain I was getting the joke, as they don’t seem to have had much of an impact in the international market, therefore had never heard of them.


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