20 thoughts to “Firefighter Rescue”

      1. You don’t need a universal remote. Another remote from the same model might do well. If that would not work, then by the laws of physics one could reconstruct the same device that controls the TV.

    1. He may feel guilty, but there is one answer that he could give you: The room that contains the TV is the basement, the next upper level being the one with the vehicle.

      1. And yes, if you think, it adds a bit of humor, it is made so that they could get fast to the TV and walk lazily to the vehicle.

    2. Nah, they just have a pole in every room. I mean, seriously, why walk down stairs when you could slide? It’s so much fun!

    1. “In tragic news, the whole East Olive block has been burned down to the ground in a series of arsons. In other positive news, the fire station has a new bitching entertainment center. Now over to Tanya for the weather…”


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