Don’t See A Ring

21 thoughts to “Don’t See A Ring”

    1. The way this is going, we’ll eventually find out that YOU are the illegal immigrant, not John.

      I’ve watched so many comedy routines, I can guess the punchline for about 90% of them. And this one is shaping up to be a doozie.

  1. This is true, most American white males do not want to have kids. They’d rather have minorities breeding their wives, so they can show the world how progressive they are, on social media.

    It’s a good comic, I like it.

  2. i’m gonna have to seriously learn to stop reading Toonhole comments I think. It’s gotten pretty bad lately. A real shame. If I don’t comment as much fellas, just know I’m PROBABLY always a fan. Y’all are good fellas and I respect and appreciate working on this shit for years and pumpin out stuff for free and not getting much recognition in return which sucks.

    I see a lot of webcomic authors that just give up or can’t hold a schedule for shit, so I respect the peeps that can get them done MOSTLY on time. At least it’s not a constant hiatus every other week. ANYWAY, love you guys, I probably will still comment anyway cuz I’m an asshole

    1. I haven’t seen your posts for a while, Mr Butt, I was afraid you did not come here anymore, it would be a shame!
      BTW, why are you AN Butt now, not A Butt?

    2. Hey, AN BUTT,
      We would hate to see you go, or even be less active around here, but we super appreciate you giving an honest heads up. Thank you.
      Also, thanks for recognizing the hard work around here… Real recognize real, ya know (winkyface)

    3. Alternatively, you can just ignore the comments you don’t like & post your own, not giving a rodent’s buttocks.

      There’s room enough for everyone here. Not everyone needs to be bosom *hehe* buddies nor do people need to “leave” just because they disagree on something.

      Let’s all calm down & struggle on like a proper dysfunctional family. C’mon, give us your best forced smile.

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