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  1. Philosophy class time !

    Anecdote : I was at school, the teacher yelled (really loud) when we had a divergent opinion than his.
    At the “Criticism on Relativism” exam (the last) we ALL failed (30% of the session by the way).
    When we complain he said (yelled) the same thing “I’m the best at taking criticism”.

    Ah… Bad and old memories….

  2. How did this discussion start? Did the punchee criticise the puncher before stating the puncher didn’t take criticism very well? If that’s the case, then I must say the puncher did take the criticism well at first, since he’s not even angry in the first panel.

    What he didn’t take well was the criticism that he doesn’t take criticism very well, which is understandable, since if he took the criticism well, the remark that he didn’t was uncalled for. Was it deserving of a punch? Maybe not, but if after you sit there taking the criticism very well you are accused of not taking said criticism well, you too might flip your lid.

    If, on the other hand, the punchee just walked up to the puncher & remarked that the puncher doesn’t take criticism well, just out of the blue & for no reason, then a punch was indeed called for.

    You don’t pass judgement on people just like that.

    1. This wasn’t meant as a reply, but a separate post. I just fucked up because I didn’t pay attention to what I was doing. Wait, that’s not right. It was because the layout of the site is confusing. Yeah, that’s it.

  3. I really like this one. I might even go so far to say as you don’t need the 4th pane-


    (no but seriously this is a good one)


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