19 thoughts to “Clean Windows”

  1. Real cocky of you to stand out in the open while making fun of birds Chris!
    If you weren’t so flat and fleshless I’d peck your eyes out!

  2. The sentence structure seems kinda odd to me, but then again, English is not my first language.

    Is this comic good English?

    1. It’s not about the birds. This comic is OBVIOUSLY a way for Mr. Allison to justify having filthy windows. If you make window cleaners to be evil people, whose sole purpose is to kill cute, innocent birds in a… somewhat roundabout way, then the reason you don’t clean your windows is not because you’re a lazy bum, it’s because you love birds, nature and you’re an all around decent chap.

      So this means *I* am not a lazy bum, either. I just love birds. Thanks, Chris.

      Now, please make a comic about how making the bed traps the warmth and humidity between the sheets, and allows germs to fester. It’s a great excuse to avoid doing the most pointless chore of all.

      1. maybe he just has combined hobby and passion:) (as in, hate birds enough that you start love clean windows since those are demise of birds)

        1. I didn’t mean soiled sheets, you make it sound like taking a dump in bed & then covering it up.

          That’s not even remotely erotic, sheesh.

  3. He should get a tree snake. Then he can watch the bird be snatched out of the air and if he’s lucky, he can watch the light slowly go out of its eyes.


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