15 thoughts to “Blood Drive”

    1. Yea this is a pretty overdone joke. Seen it in Family Guy a couple times, Futurama, Simpsons, several other Cartoon Network and adult swim shows, and not to mention the dozens of other webcomics I read.

      It’s like watching every episode of Tom and Jerry just to realize that every episode is the exact same down to every detail. Originality in comedy is dead. That’s why comedians resort to shock humer, you can always find something more shocking to joke about. Well at least until our society becomes completely desensitized by a mixture of internet, drugs, and pointless xenophobic wars.

      1. >pointless xenophobic wars.

        How come it’s ‘pointless’? I hate you, thats enough of a reason for me.


      2. I know blood is one of the “four humers”, which one is “shock humer”? Is it bile? And if so, is it yellow or black bile?

    2. Honestly this is the first I’ve encountered the joke [enjoyed it].
      Lesson here is…I don’t watch much TV/Interwebs. 😀

  1. yeah, this joke has been a bit overdone, but that is okay, I still love and respect you and want to give you kisses

    NOT LIKE MY COMMENTS ARE EVER GOOD ANYWAY, AM I RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!! please don’t say I’m right, I will cry


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