Birthday Surprise

14 thoughts to “Birthday Surprise”

  1. Hey ToonHole guys! Have you disabled middle and right clicking on your site?

    I understand that it (mostly!) prevents pirating your comics, but it’s also preventing copying/pasting in the comments (not even possible using keyboard shortcuts!), following links into new tabs and windows, and fast scrolling around the pages.

  2. Yes, I was. And it meant that instead of living with a meth head and an alcoholic, I got to live with people who loved me. Adoption works.

  3. This was kind of heart-warming, actually.

    Despite the absurd exaggeration of conveying the message, he did tell the little girl he loved her, and talked about the importance of being honest.

    Very cute.

  4. So what? If you love your kids and spend all day with them what’s the deal with being adopted? Some people don’t seem to know what parental love truly is, it isn’t a biological thing.

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