Bad Roommate

9 thoughts to “Bad Roommate”

      1. Then why don’t you end it? End is not always bad, end is not defeat, living like you and making shitty comics is defeat. Think about the apace and air and resources you would free up by committing suicide. When Romans shamed them selves they would commit suicide for the sake of their families honor. Do the right thing John.

        1. Haven’t you realised the truth yet, Milan? You’re just one of John’s many alternate personalities (Chris and Ryan being two others). You manifest his self-hatred.

          That’s why you can’t get rid of him, he can’t get rid of you, and all the comics are attributed to “john martinez”.

  1. Hey man nice work! I personally love your art style (and specifically the way you draw women) I think you could be the new Bruce Time if you wanted. Take care!


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