Abortion Discussion

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  1. Come on, guys. I”m pro-choice but there’s a fine line between making a comic about a social issue and it either being funny or cringe-worthy. This is the latter. It’s almost as if you’re desperately hoping material of this kind – similar to the transgender comic put up a while ago by Chris – will go viral.

    Just some constructive feedback. I love your guys’ stuff and I’m on the same side as you are for these issues, and you’re obviously more than entitled to make cartoons about whatever you want.

      1. Oh, it’s a joke? Why hasn’t anybody told me. I wouldn’t noticed it by reading the comic. Thanks ToonFool.

        1. I was actually responding to T. I already know you have no sense of humor, it’s a lost cause trying to explain anything to you.

    1. Because some of us, not me, the more religious folk, believe it to be about as morally detestable as murder.

    2. And for further/similar information see: Amendment 8, Constitution of Ireland.

      Unlike practically every US president before him, Trump’s got no Irish ancestry. So maybe this is his way of ‘identifying’ with them.

  2. Nice allegory Ryan! Easy way to present both sides of the argument for someone who is confused by the whole thing.


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