Gas Prices


  1. formerly dead says:

    didn’t see that coming.

  2. Chase says:

    I’m betting those tanks aren’t out of gas. That guy who said that is working for the middle east and he is trying to protect the oil reserves.

  3. moeb says:

    that comic was lame.

    in europe we see bush jr. as the “Oil President” not Obama.

    Or is that view wrong?

    Some Pakistanis joking about drone bombardement would fit better? wouldnt it?

    • Sir T-nawtical says:

      Yah I have to agree with Moeb here, should’ve been Bush saying this instead of Obama =/… Would’ve been an epic comic if it was Bush.

      Still though, the joke itself was great 🙂

      • Ragingagnostic says:

        Yes, it should have been Bush, Jr. ranting like this. He was the warmongering, vicious twit who launched us into an awful no-win conflict.

    • eurodude says:

      Yeah, only for people who are not very well informed. Obama is as much a warmonger as Bush was (he even increased both total troops in the Middle East AND the amount of paramilitary contractors like Blackwater/Xe/Academus/Whatever-they-call-themselves-today). Getting a Nobel Peace prize before doing jackshit and not being a Republican makes most Euro-citizens turn a blind eye

  4. Ryan says:

    Thought you guys would appreciate me keeping it current, what with today’s inauguration n’ all. But alas,

    • Sir T-nawtical says:

      *gentle hand on Ryan’s back*

      There there, it’s not easy appealing to a crowd of raging internet nerds :), Good to know you didn’t let us rustle your jimmies

  5. Adren says:

    Well the best thing he did so far was something he haven´t done. Starting any new Wars. So, uhm, go Team Obama?

  6. Ryan says:

    What we need is ARC energy!

    Where’s Tony Stark when you need him?

    • Tony Stark says:

      Well, it’s pretty simple. If you alternate a magnatic field between 3 superconductors at a maintained speed of, say, 4500 times per second and draw the heat of the inducted eddy current using a Peltier element, and lead it to a Sterling engine which powers a generator, which powers the alternating magnetic force and Peltier element you’re pretty much done.

  7. AlecDawesome says:

    The green lighting makes it seem like a meeting room for super villains.

  8. Jebreal says:

    We don’t have oil :'(
    Let kill some Arabs get their resources -Solved
    We need diamonds :'(
    Let invade some south African country and claim their resources


  9. Tar says:

    Best double eyepoke ever! 😀

  10. I guess Obama will have to siphon some from the battleships! 😛

  11. Murasume says:

    you’d think by now they’d be making ethanol powered vehicles~
    But nooooo, they don’t hell theres also the water powered car~
    so many other options, lol~

  12. Ivan says:

    We have over 8000 M1/M1A1 and M1A2 (including conversions of M1s to M1A2s) tanks in US Army inventory (+221 US Marine Corp), and he only wants to send 200 of them?
    btw… they run on jet fuel, but can also run on diesel, marine diesel & gasoline.

    They could probably run just as well on the blood & sweat of General Petraeus as soon as he started bangin’ his favorite Lt. Colonel!

  13. Peya Luna says:

    guess its time to invent the solar-powered tank…thankfully its always sunny in the middle east 😉

  14. Xavier says:

    Why middle east, i mean, cut us some slack, lebanon has been struggling with ts economy, but we found ol and gas next to us in the sea,yet israel wants it all of it to herself, but its already an ally to the US, which makes the use of the oil to them useless, omly to keep us lebanese from getting the oil, fearing that that me might become more poerful than them, we have like 70 billion of dollars in debt and most of it is towards the people (us !) we only need that oil just to make lebanon a more happier place, we need the money to accomplish so many things, the last thing we could possibly think of is attack israel, we dont even stand a chance, its our right, our oil, let them take whats theirs, but not more than they deserve … No offense to anyone, i just hope someon will agree with me.

  15. The Onehanded Abortionist says:

    I didn’t know Spain was an island.

  16. Jason Fairbanks says:

    You guys need to publish a book. Seriously.