The Mayan Calendar 2012


  1. Chase says:

    The Mayans: the eternal pricks.

  2. Danmire says:

    Looks like Jesus was in a hurry to buy some Earths!

  3. Sir T-nawtical says:

    I thought the mayans were the guys that set the expiration date?

    Just out of curiosity, if the mayan shoved that massive carrot into africa, then wouldn’t that solve world hunger?

    If that’s true, then that mayan truly is a prick! >_<

  4. Bobaloo says:

    Isn’t Jesus on the cross over by the Deli kind of not kosher?

  5. NO says:

    Did it take the Mayan more than 10000 years to get it?

  6. mars714 says:

    Funny, but I’m guessing you don’t know that the Mayan ruins are less than 01% explored.

    History! ruining your comics since whenever you bother to look things up!

    But no this is a funny comic.

  7. Nick says:

    Are all the other worlds from multiple parallel universes?

  8. TheLastMachine says:

    This is pure GENIUS

  9. Malachar says:

    Looks like the dang pink elephant followed me here too.

    (First time commenting, long time lurker, love the comics)

  10. Ryan says:

    It’s the 22nd.

    Where the end b at?

  11. Ivan says:

    It’s Maya!! There are no people (nor were) known as Mayans! (not counting William Percy Mayans, a very progressive member of the Maya people who defended Mayan culture to his end!)

  12. allari says:

    Even floats in a sitting position. Beats walking like an egyptian. XD

  13. Jason Fairbanks says: