Breast Feeding


  1. Breast Feeding « Humor says:

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    I can’t hold this lie, I am not the real Me Gusta bot… But his legacy must go on! Me Gusta till the death of me!!!

  2. Murasume says:

    hey, would you rather have the kid screaming~?
    or happy and silent with a show, lol~

  3. andarb says:

    My favorite (and I wish I could quote better) was the lady that said “Someone’s gotta drink this milk and I don’t care how Freudian you get it isn’t gonna be you. Now you’d best go enjoy your meal and let him (the baby) enjoy his, or one of us is going to have sore nipples the rest of the day.”

  4. Tar says:

    ” I’ve lost my appetit. I’m going to get a breast of fresh air. Chest please! “

  5. Chase says:

    Knowing Ryan, I thought the guy would rip the baby off and do it himself.

  6. Ashley says:

    The fact people actually get offended by breastfeeding in America disturbs me. It’s NATURAL. We don’t get all offended every time a cow tries to feed it’s young, or any other animal. But as soon as a mom pops out a nip to feed her child, she’s deemed a public whore of some sort.

    Completely unrelated note, my boyfriend has a breast milk fetish.

  7. TheLastMachine says:

    I’m okay with it as long as the mother doesn’t feel unconfortable with me staring at her. They usually don’t but once, some idiot who was breast feeding her baby saw that I was looking and said “Excuse me?!”. Like bitch please, you are showing your tits in public, you can’t expect to be ignored.

  8. TheLastMachine says:

    (not like I was directly staring at her, but It’s annoying to have to avoid looking at her tits at all costs) 😛

  9. Ryan says:

    I think partial nudity is forgivable if it is used to give a newborn infant sustenance.

    The ends justify the means by far.

  10. Sir T-nawtical says:

    Look! It’s the worm boy all grown up!

    His dad on the right would be so proud of him

  11. That’s the true purpose of a camera-phone. You need to cherish those memories forever. 🙂

  12. Hey kid! you’re blocking the good parts!

  13. Ryan says:

    LOL babies should not serve as censors

  14. Larq says:

    I see mothers breastfeeding their kid in the jeepneys and busses I ride to and from college ALL THE TIME. I find it adorable and nobody really cares if it’s public.
    ha! I love my country