How Many Licks


  1. Niko says:

    It takes about 800 licks. Just sayin

  2. How Many Licks « Humor says:

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    I’m joking, I’m not the Me Gusta bot. But I sure do miss him.


  3. Tar says:

    After about 5 licks, my tongue gets numb. Maybe I shouldn’t practice on frogs 😛

  4. The Naughty Professor says:

    This is fucking brilliant.

  5. Chase says:

    Ah, what better way to celebrate my birthday than a funny Toonhole comic
    Oh, and 84 licks.

  6. Tar says:

    OOH I found the answer:

    A Three!

  7. Darky says:

    How many licks of my girlfriend does it take till I cum?

    A half.. :/

  8. Macr0p0d says:

    Thanks TH for that good ole blast from the past. And that stupid old tortoise is probably looking for the answer in the Library.

  9. Classic, just classic! 😀

  10. It´s more tasty the old way… one lick at a time. 🙂

  11. also, just in case some are in the dark. This was a classic commercial in the US.