1. Jordan says:


    • Jordan got in before the automated Me Gusta guy. We gotta start giving out awards for this!

      • Tar says:

        Per·fec·tion [per-fek-shuhn]
        1. Applying a facepalm on oneself after realizing using a terrible choice of words;
        2. The art of posting on the Toonhole’s message board before the ‘Me Gusta’ guy does.

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  3. That’s frickin’ funny! On so many levels. And to my friends and relatives who got juvenile diabetes, this does not pertain to YOU!

  4. TheLastMachine says:

    This is racist… to people with diabetes! Yah >:o

    jk I find this humerus

  5. kim says:

    The doctor needs a mustache to make him look more like Wilford Brimley.

  6. T-nawtical says:

    hey that kid needs to get over it, it’s called diabetes, not cry-abetes

  7. Jakkal says:

    ohh yeah, I know that problem…
    saying “How it’s going (wie geht’s)” to a post-op amputation patient was also a bad choice of words from my side…

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  9. Steve says:

    Is this some sort of sick joke?

  10. lol he looks like cleveland brown jr.