Tourist Season


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  2. Tar says:

    Ooonnneeehundrenandeeeeiiighhtttyyyy!!!! 😀

    … kilograms

  3. Gary says:

    Cool. Now I don’t have to go see Hunger Games.

  4. Mateus says:

    We have this a lot here in Brazil. Truth be told, i think i recognize this beach…

  5. Jakkal says:

    and another one bites the dust…

  6. DeathComesSilently says:

    Ha! Nice. I just discovered this website yesterday, and have been going through a lot of your older comics. Keep up the goo- no, AMAZING work. I love it!

  7. Calicade says:

    Could we petition this to become a real hunting season?

  8. James Games says:

    I bet there would be.

  9. SanguisAnima says:

    this site has some of the most rough-hewn, extremely opinionated ideas in a comic that i’ve seen so far…displayed in a fresh new perspective, one that’s not afraid to show balls and get some in the process.

    site bookmarked and set to high priority at work.

    you guys rock. srsly. XD

  10. Elmer Fudd could find this season really interesting.

  11. Rent_A_Bike says:

    Working in a greek island full of chavs, I must admit this passed through my mind many times.

  12. Farhaan says:

    I love you guys ! I too got recommended from cyanide and happiness ! Love your dick jokes… 😀