Touched By An Angel


  1. Kenn says:

    Hahaha… good !!

  2. LOoLOoVv says:

    He had such tender hands.

  3. Chamito says:

    This explains Justin Bieber… ‘s gayness.

  4. ryan says:

    That is a badass drawing.

  5. kirun says:

    i wonder if god was watching….

  6. Tung says:

    Looks a tad anime-y.

  7. DuMaNue says:

    @kirun: You know it, god is the ultimate voyeur…

  8. kstormgemini says:

    Ya know this was something that always came to My mind too whenever I saw the title for that cheesy tv show. I often imagined what the court tv scene for the trial would look like. XD

  9. Spooky ! says:

    again not funny

  10. Ehhh says:

    This has to be one of the funniest comics… ever!