Sexy New Dress


  1. Bertel says:

    Once again…

  2. Has to be That Guy says:

    …but those are skirts

  3. Sea Sick says:

    he’s still hot….just go for it..

  4. Darryl says:

    The story of my dating life…

  5. T says:

    Hey, when I wear a dress I at least avoid polka-dots.


  6. Zwonko says:

    The theme of old people posing as young people (or men as women or whatever) has been overused…

    … yet you effective make this with novelty. Well done!

  7. Omnomberry says:

    What if theres another girl with a polka dot dress behind that guy ?

  8. Chapoi says:

    Good choice of polka dress Ryan. May I suggest you other dresses for your next date?

    Just kidding, this one is perfect