Turtle Shells


  1. my usual glowing praise

  2. Rob says:

    LOL, not what I was expecting

  3. Bubbaclaw says:

    Turtle sex.
    Dude you have just topped yourself!

  4. peeper says:

    LMAO did not see that coming, I read comics at inkoutbreak.com and this was the first one I have seen from you guys great stuff

  5. Chris says:

    horny, very horny.

  6. mrttao says:

    A turtle shell is part of their body, and contains important organs such as the spine.

  7. zw0nko says:

    Why must all turtles look like senior citizens? Is it the lassitude?

  8. wladodragovic says:


  9. annasoares1 says:

    AWESOME. Always looking for good comics. yours are awesome. love this site. =)

  10. Farhaan says:

    They started making love today and finished in 2050… Turtle speed ! 😀

  11. Ooo says:

    Wont be finished until 2016

  12. jerichobajao says:

    OMG :O