Some Last Words


  1. ante II says:

    toon hole should be moar classy like this

  2. I know! Make more comic’s like mine. Chris/Ryan/Aaron/John! Cause I’m one classy piece a’ … (insert your descriptive nouns below)

  3. Chuckles says:

    Nothing is more classier than a rainbow shooting out a woman anus. NOTHING!!!

  4. SIL says:

    Ok, I didn’t see THAT ONE coming!

  5. Erickson says:

    Why would a boat full of Pirates kill the only woman? Must be butt pirates

  6. kirun says:

    hahaha awesome stuff mike!

  7. Colleen says:

    This might be the best toonhole yet. I would like a print of this one!

  8. George says:

    Oh, that was just too cool! This comic rocks! 😀

  9. Sidney says:

    Find 7 errors game on the second picture!

  10. matsuko says:

    Mary Motherfucking Poppins