Smart Questions Get Smart Answers


  1. kirun says:

    set that kid straight

  2. Hahahah… He should have known better. Funny stuff Allison.

  3. Hahaha…a perfect start! It has begun.

  4. Great stuff!!! So are we to assume the dad is the reason the kid has crutches in the first place?

  5. Mike says:

    Scummbaggery at it’s finest. Well done.

  6. Cheesybacon22 says:

    Don’t we all have that tendency to sock a child in a the face? thank you chris for letting me know im normal 🙂

  7. HotDamnTV says:

    makes me nostalgic, reminds me of childhood

  8. JQB says:

    Oy katz… thats harsh dude… really harsh.

    Cool though! laughed my ass of

  9. Chris says:

    oh yeah – huh hah!

    kirun – he only does it because he loves his child

    charles ngo – an interesting twist, ngo. an innnnteresting twist *touches fingertips together and broods*

    cheesybacon22 – you’re one of god’s little, individual snowflakes.

    hotdamntv – didn’t i tell you to get off the internet, son?

    jqb – they went out for ice cream afterwards. honest.

  10. Zackass says:

    Best one. Right here

  11. kole says:

    thats kinda mean

  12. Mereoth says:

    Finally an example of decent parenting skills.

  13. Fuckoff says:

    Fuck you, beating kids aren’t funny. At least Cyanide and Happiness makes an effort so their crazy shit is funny. This is just sad. A webcomic about beating kids just for the shock value. Don’t quit your day job, buddy, it doesn’t really seem like you’ve discovered how much you suck.

  14. Fuckoff says:

    Oh, and “Toon Hole”? Really? Did you just ask the first 4-year old you met what you should call your webcomic?

  15. Ivy says:

    Yay for anti-jokes!

  16. KampfeFuchs says:

    I think it’s really unique in all. Completely normal setting ending morbidly… /:) The last frame also has the only color in the whole strip, as well as the most action. Fairly good, but not the best of the lot.

  17. DarkQuietus says:

    I just read through all your comics and thoroughly enjoyed them. I’ll be back. 🙂

  18. Pterodactyl says:

    I was just introduced to this comic by the fellas from, I thank them because these comics are fucking hilarious. I’m gonna enjoy reading all of these.

  19. Kumalein says:

    I spent the whole day reading through your comics from the latest one to this here, and this is not the first time I do so. Every time I return to a comic strip of you guys I found something new there. Such a mood uplifting awesome site, I got inspired a lot. Thank you and keep on at it ! 😀

  20. Thanks Kumalein! You rule for reading all of them.

  21. Dark-Rev says:

    Love the art style reminds me of Ren & Stimpy

  22. drrules says:

    Clearly I’m not first to do this. However, someone linked to a random comic and I loved it so much that I went back, reading every comic and watching every video.

    You guys are AWESOME!

    • Thanks drrules! Where’d you get linked from? Just curious. Glad you made it through the whole thing. We gotta start making badges or something!

      • drrules says:

        Someone linked to it on Facebook and I started reading them, and then I saw the video from SMBC.

        Of course I made it through, you guys are hilarious.

        I’m all down for a badge, “I read all of Toonhole I might not be sane but at least I’m sane.”

  23. sdwe says:

    watched all your toons, just thanks and go on!

  24. demonoheck says:

    Ah thank reddit & imgur! I’m done! I read em all!

    It was a slow grind from well drawn full color towards poorly drawn black and white but i made it here. Many hours were wasted towards this mighty goal of mediocrity!

  25. Thepickle36 says:

    I’ve done it. I’ve read them all. . . . And it was worth it!