Smart Questions Get Smart Answers


  1. OH YEAH says:


  2. kirun says:

    set that kid straight

  3. Aaron Paetz says:

    Hahahah… He should have known better. Funny stuff Allison.

  4. Ryan Kramer says:

    Hahaha…a perfect start! It has begun.

  5. Charles Ngo says:

    Great stuff!!! So are we to assume the dad is the reason the kid has crutches in the first place?

  6. Mike says:

    Scummbaggery at it’s finest. Well done.

  7. Cheesybacon22 says:

    Don’t we all have that tendency to sock a child in a the face? thank you chris for letting me know im normal :)

  8. HotDamnTV says:

    makes me nostalgic, reminds me of childhood

  9. JQB says:

    Oy katz… thats harsh dude… really harsh.

    Cool though! laughed my ass of

  10. Chris says:

    oh yeah – huh hah!

    kirun – he only does it because he loves his child

    charles ngo – an interesting twist, ngo. an innnnteresting twist *touches fingertips together and broods*

    cheesybacon22 – you’re one of god’s little, individual snowflakes.

    hotdamntv – didn’t i tell you to get off the internet, son?

    jqb – they went out for ice cream afterwards. honest.

  11. Zackass says:

    Best one. Right here

  12. kole says:

    thats kinda mean

  13. Mereoth says:

    Finally an example of decent parenting skills.

  14. ogre says:


  15. Fuckoff says:

    Fuck you, beating kids aren’t funny. At least Cyanide and Happiness makes an effort so their crazy shit is funny. This is just sad. A webcomic about beating kids just for the shock value. Don’t quit your day job, buddy, it doesn’t really seem like you’ve discovered how much you suck.

  16. Fuckoff says:

    Oh, and “Toon Hole”? Really? Did you just ask the first 4-year old you met what you should call your webcomic?

  17. Ivy says:

    Yay for anti-jokes!

  18. KampfeFuchs says:

    I think it’s really unique in all. Completely normal setting ending morbidly… /:) The last frame also has the only color in the whole strip, as well as the most action. Fairly good, but not the best of the lot.

  19. DarkQuietus says:

    I just read through all your comics and thoroughly enjoyed them. I’ll be back. :)

  20. Pterodactyl says:

    I was just introduced to this comic by the fellas from, I thank them because these comics are fucking hilarious. I’m gonna enjoy reading all of these.

  21. Kumalein says:

    I spent the whole day reading through your comics from the latest one to this here, and this is not the first time I do so. Every time I return to a comic strip of you guys I found something new there. Such a mood uplifting awesome site, I got inspired a lot. Thank you and keep on at it ! 😀

  22. Thanks Kumalein! You rule for reading all of them.

  23. Dark-Rev says:

    Love the art style reminds me of Ren & Stimpy

  24. drrules says:

    Clearly I’m not first to do this. However, someone linked to a random comic and I loved it so much that I went back, reading every comic and watching every video.

    You guys are AWESOME!

    • Thanks drrules! Where’d you get linked from? Just curious. Glad you made it through the whole thing. We gotta start making badges or something!

      • drrules says:

        Someone linked to it on Facebook and I started reading them, and then I saw the video from SMBC.

        Of course I made it through, you guys are hilarious.

        I’m all down for a badge, “I read all of Toonhole I might not be sane but at least I’m sane.”

  25. sdwe says:

    watched all your toons, just thanks and go on!

  26. demonoheck says:

    Ah thank reddit & imgur! I’m done! I read em all!

    It was a slow grind from well drawn full color towards poorly drawn black and white but i made it here. Many hours were wasted towards this mighty goal of mediocrity!

  27. Thepickle36 says:

    I’ve done it. I’ve read them all. . . . And it was worth it!