14 thoughts to “You Perv”

  1. That’s the super power of simily-politically correct whore.

    We could call it “Whore power” or “WHoeman power”

    Nice try to catch chicks John. Be careful of the hoevirus. It’s not whore-ty

  2. Hey John, usually I’m a big fan of yours. In my opinion, you’re definitely the best artist out of the toonhole group, and definitely top 2 best humor.

    But this time you really phoned it in. There was no lead, it seems as though you threw out at least 2 impartive panels to connect the set up and punch line, but you just got lazy with it, like you didn’t care if it was a complete work or not.

    I really hope people like Millan haven’t got to you in a personal way.

    I really look forward to your next good comic!

    1. I kind of agree, and I sort of feel like the joke falls flat cuz most people DON’T like the TSA

      it seemed kind of like a cliche “heh WOMEN!! Am I right fellas??” joke and i dunno, didn’t feel it.

      that being said i love you and I’m not drunk so I don’t have an excuse for being a butt other than being a butt, but(t) I hope I don’t discourage you from comics at all

    2. I can see what you mean, but for me, this was the funniest John Joke in a while.

      No, I can’t tell you why. I guess I just laughed at the absurdity of the situation John painted.


      Humour, you know? One non-binary gender fluid otherkin transtrender’s suicidal depression is another non-binary gender fluid otherkin transtrender’s merriment.

  3. Just fyi, I’d still most appreciate it if the comments and article font could be made black on white (or white on black preferred) instead of gray on white. Thanks.


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