19 thoughts to “Wine Tasting”

  1. Paul Lynde’s influence continues to blast through the barriers of death and obscurity to channel into gag writers only peripherally aware of his legacy. Like unto a God.

    1. This comic has nothing to do with Paul Lynde. The Mad Hatter pictured is from Disney’s animated Alice in Wonderland and was voiced by Ed Wynn.
      A true classic.
      Nothing against Lynde, though, who continues to be hysterical from beyond the grave.

        1. Paul Lynde voiced Templeton in the original “Charlotte’s Web,” among many other things (a lot of folks know him from “Bewitched”). Ed Wynne did is a comedian from the 20s-60s. I remember him mostly from “Mary Poppins” as Bert’s Uncle Albert … the fellow who laughed so much that he floated up to the ceiling (although I am quite the fan of “The Gnome Mobile”). 🙂

      1. Actually, it isn’t considered rude if you spit at a wine tasting event. It’s actually what you’re supposed to do.


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