28 thoughts to “Will Not Rape”

  1. Hah, oh god. I misunderstood it as the women wanting to get raped but the hobo apparently not wanting to do this, even for money.

  2. You mean you don’t know that hobos already do that?
    Why, just in the city I drove past one of ’em…. I think he was wearing a gold vest.

  3. Chris, you had best step up your game. Ryan is just one more comic away from becoming my new favorite.

  4. Wait, so does that mean he won’t rape even if he’s paid, he only rapes for free, or that he won’t rape as long as he is paid?

  5. Wow, she’s going all-in trying to change his mind on that business model! I still don’t think he’s going to rape her, though. Tough luck sis.


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