What’s That Spell?

44 thoughts to “What’s That Spell?”

      1. Well actually, I don’t care… the only thing I can spell, when I see Cheerleaders is: B-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-B-S.
        “Give me an A” “Boobs”
        “Give me an S” “Boobs…”
        “Give me an S” “Boobs…”
        “What’s that spell?” “Fuuuuuun”

  1. I found toonhole today, looked back through a bunch of the comics. You sir are crude, rude, immature, and sometimes childish. You also are extremely funny and a good artist. Site now bookmarked.

  2. People go to school sports games because of cheerleaders. Also, cheerleaders read of some huge flash cards to cheer. I have seen the flash cards…

          1. Kanji= the Japanese written language. Geez, don’t you ever watch anime or read manga?

  3. One thing keeps coming to mind…

    Country Joe McDonald
    “Fish” cheer
    Live at Woodstock, 1969

    “Gimme an F”!
    “Gimme a U”!
    “Gimme a C”!
    “Gimme a K”!
    “What’s that spell?”
    “What’s that spell?”
    “What’s that spell?”


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