Welcome to Heaven

10 thoughts to “Welcome to Heaven”

    1. I always thought that was a given. To my knowledge, only hipsters, communists, hippies & generally mentally challenged people like U2.


      The latter is understandable, they don’t know better, poor things.

      1. I don’t know. They were pretty decent in their early days*.

        (*i.e. when Bono had eyes and The Edge had hair.)

  1. Because Bono spoke affirmatively about capitalism for ending hunger in Africa and that makes him the Devil because people on Toonhole are commie faggot cucks. That is the point of this comic. I bet John El Presidente Martinez was the intellectual background for this one.

    1. Now, Milan.

      You know I had your back all this time, buddy. You libelled at least one Toonhole… artist…, were involved in several altercations with several valuable readers of this so-called comic, wrote outrageous posts which were clearly intended to offend everyone else, and generally behaved like a proper bona fide jack ass.

      That’s fine. It really is.

      But sticking up for Bono? You want war, we’ll have war.

      1. “You want war, we’ll have war.”

        About damn time, I’m gonna take out my Aka and get ready VIVA LA REVOLUCIÓN!


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